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Has anyone bought one of these? I know they are more quiet, and don't have the pressure of a normal compressor, but for woodworking applications, are they functional? I'd appreciate anyone's ideas and recommendations.

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I have the 6 gal. one w/ steel tank, and my cousin has the same one with the aluminum tank. You are right on both counts of super quiet and I run mine 90#-120#, what it doesn't have is the recharging rate .You can't use pneumatic drills or sanders,grinders etc. not enough air capacity. Small brad nailers work fine, I use mine for blowing things off and brad nailing/ stapling.

If I was to do it again I would buy the aluminum tank ,It doesn't rust and is noticeably lighter weight.

I sure like the less noise level, I don't jump out of my socks everytime it turns on.

Hope this helps,

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