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Just got a used CamTech Routermaster Z7 with the AXYZ A2MC upgraded control box at auction. The system initializes just fine, goes through all the checks and then is ready for a job. I cannot manually (or in a job) move the gantry/router carriage (no X, Y, or Z movement). When I do a function F12 I get an E103 message. I also get this when telling the router to find home position.
Spindle warms up just fine and I can turn it on and off. All sensors are working (I checked them), all fuses are ok. There is a red light that blinks intermittently on top of the servo controllers in the control box, so power is getting there.
Any suggestions on what may be the issue? View attachment 401769
Glad to hear of a happy result...
I had seen that help doc in my searches, but thanks for looking. My 30 year old multimeter died this morning, so I have to run out and get a new one. I will do exactly as you suggest when I return. I am also wondering if making sure the transformer is connected to the two utility phases may help. I am using a rotary phase converter to produce 3 phase for the router itself (Perske 3 phase). Not sure if the generated phase may be a bit wonky for the transformer that supplies the control loads. The computer is happy though, so this may be a wild stab.
I also bought a z7 second hand so I'm not sure what is normal.
I noticed my fan is not working. Does your z7 's fan wait until it reaches a certain temperature before it starts? or does it start with the spindle?
axyz customer service is not user friendly.
Thanks for your help in advance.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts