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This may sound like a dumb question, but I’m still a newbie, so I’ll ask it.

Suppose I want to put a slight profile (maybe roundover or chamfer) on all four edges of a 1x8 piece of lumber, 4 feet long.

I have a decent size Bosch router table. Even though I’m a newbie, I’m pretty sure that I can guide the piece well enough to do the long edges, but what do I do when I try to handle the short edges? When I’m pushing the short edge past the bit, and I have most of the length of the 1x8 perpendicular to the fence, what do I do to keep the piece from wobbling as it goes past the bit?

If you tell me to hand route the short edges, won’t I have a problem getting the bit positioned properly to exactly match the degree of roundover or chamfer that I did on the long edge?

Or are you going to tell me to do the whole job by hand and not use a router table at all?
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