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Can someone tell me the difference? PC

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Hello all,

I just picked up a PC 7538 at a great price and want to put it into a table I will build when I get the rest of the hardware together.

Most lifts like the Woodpecker line are only made for the PC 7539, not the 7538. I don't mind the idea of a Router Raizer, but was hoping to use something better with a sturdy plate.

Can anyone tell me the difference between the 7538 and the 7539 beside the speed control? I would really appreciate knowing the differences.

Thanks in advance,
Joe Ohlandt
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Hi Joe

Looks like the 7538 is a "Soft Start" other than that they look the same,with in a dollar or two in price.

Bj :)
Thanks for looking Bj, I appreciate your input.

In an effort to clarify my question I'm trying to find out why many lifts are listed for the 7539 and not the 7538 since they look exactly alike.

Thanks again,
Joe Ohlandt

I think I would contact each of the 'lift' makers... You may get a pleasant surprise. :D
Hi Joe: I have the 7539, it has soft start and speed control. The 7538 don't have speed control and that is the only diference. I would think that the mounting bolts
and spacing would be the same for both of them. Those routers are over 17 LBS
and they require heavier bolts. Look at the PC manual the subbase should be the same, and if they are the plate will fit. Woodnut65
Hi Woodnut,

I went to the PC parts supplier and checked out the part number for the two units, they are the same part numbers put together the same way. Now I know the Woodpeck lifts will work with the unit I have for sure. Now all I have to do is come up with the cash for the lift and Incra LS and I can build me a real nice table. Pictures will be posted for all.

I also contacted Woodpeck and sent them the parts list with pictures so they also know.

I appreciate everyones help and feel this forum is a real asset to the woodworks everywhere.

Joe Ohlandt
I have the PC 7518 3 1/4hp soft start variable speed. Mounted it in the JessEm lift. Works great.


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Woodchip7, I have the same set up as you, except the lift. I'm hoping that will be my next purchase. I just wish they would come down in price.
RT Stuff


There is nothing cheap about woodworking. Just the router, lift and Incra Ls Poistioner was over $1000. Guess I'm not familiar with the model #'s mentioned in the original post. Will have to check PC web site. Thought the 7518 was PC's big bad router. I looked at lifts at Woodcraft store and decided on the JessEM. Friend of mine has the Incra. He doesn't like it because of it's chain mechanism.

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