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Can't take router apart

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Hi Guys,

I have got a very nice, used router for 1/2" router bits. It doesn't have a manufacturer name on it but my guess is that it's a Hitachi, it looks a lot like the M12. Unfortunately the switch is broken, so I have to take it apart to repair it. I took away the base part and then the four screws on the bottom, I can't find any other screws to undo. I suspected that I would be able to pull the blue plastic part away from the lower metal part but I simply can't get it loose. It's driving me nuts, I have spent so much time pulling in the d... thing. I attach photos. Any advice?

Regards from Sweden



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Only a guess here, I would start with the brushes, take them out then the screws on the bottom (near the chuck), then see if the blue cover will lift off.... if not take the top screws out also and see if it will lift off. The cord might be in a bushing of some sort so don't yank to hard as you don't want any broken wire to have to deal with....

Not sure of the brand on this router.... does it have a plate with amp rating and voltage infomation?

Hope someone has one of these and can help you out.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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