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Cap rails for sailboat

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I have to manufacture new cap rails for my sailboat. The wood I will be using is Iroko and I will be cutting the new curved caprails out of 6" X 8' 7/8 inch boards. Each segment of the cap rail will need to be 1 3/4" wide X 8' long. A 1/4" deep X 1 1/2" rabbet will need to be cut on the underside of each caprail. My question is how to best accomplish this with a portable router both in terms of stabilizing the caprail to the work bench and best type of bit to use. Remember that each caprail segment is curved.
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I wonder if hand-held with an edge guide would work. You'd have to be careful near the ends. To do it on the router table with a fence it would probably be helpful to extend the table (temporarily) because the work would be harder to keep level as you work your way in to the final pass.
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I agree - that's an excellent job, well done.
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