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Card Scrapers

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Anyone interested in a good deal on card scrapers, these are an excellent value..
I've been using them for several years now and wouldn't bother with anything else..
The stainless steel cards are top shelf in my book!!! All of them tune well and hold an edge..
The scratch stock is a little on the small side for my liking but work exceptionally well for
making custom profiles..

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Lee Valley has them up here, Busy Bee Tools, and KMS Tools, but other than that trying to find them on line in Canada is a bit of a challenge; pretty sure all the woodworker suppliers carry them but just can't be bothered listing them.
Mohawk for instance. Why on Earth would a business devoted to all aspects of wood finishing not have card scrapers? They're online catalogue doesn't seem to list them.
I really enjoy using a card scraper. I would enjoy them even more if I was better at sharpening them.
There are jigs and tools that make them far easier to sharpen. But you can also put thm in your workbench clamp, using a file or diamond stone, and a burnisher (my brother gave me his, made from a good screwdriver). I also bought a Veritas scraper sharpener, which really makes putting the burr on, a predictable and pretty easy job. You can set the sharpening angle quite precisely. The other picture is a scraper holder for those of us who find it hard to hold the scraper properly for any length of time. Do put a burr on all four edges. Forgot what brand, but look up card scraper holder and you'll find several.


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That's cause Mohawks use Tomahawks LOL
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My favorites are from Stew-mac. Simple to sharpen, one pass across the grinder wheel and, it's done.
Product Wood Technology Table Finger
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@Gene Howe Interesting, do you have a link?
@Gene Howe Thanks Gene, looks interesting. Pricey, but many good features.
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