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Centering your router on a mounting plate

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It is very important that your router be centered on your mounting plate. Many people sweat over this for hours remeasuring before they drill their mounting holes. The quick and easy way to do this is with a centering kit from Rousseau. These kits work with all brands of mounting plates that accept Porter Cable style guide bushings and they cost $5.

Step 1. You chuck up the centering pin in your routers 1/4" collet.
Step 2. Insert the disk into the center hole of your mounting plate.
Step 3. Remove the sub base plate from your router, set it and the screws aside.
Step 4. Install the transfer screws into your routers base with the points facing out.
Step 5. place the centering pin into the disk, position your router to face the direction you want it mounted and lightly tap the edge of your router with a mallet. This marks the locations you need to drill.
Step 6. Drill the holes, flip the plate over and slightly countersink them.
Step 7. Using the new screws that came in the centering kit attach your router and it is perfectly centered.

If you are using a plate that accepts the larger Oak Park style guide bushings you can purchase a centering disk and a guide pin from them. You can purchase transfer screws from most hardware stores or tool suppliers.


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I have purchased an RT1000xl table from Canada, it is beautiful, it came with to laxan plates one with a two inch hole, and a blank. I also purchased an aluminum plate from them with a three inch whole that comes with a ring and a brass center piece. I have a Bosch 1617 router and I purchased a lift base. Your right when you say you agonize over the mounting of the router. I have no idea how to do it, I also purchased a fly cutter to cut a larger whole in the blanl lexan plate so I can use raised panel bits eventually. But there i don't know how to cut the whole with the small lip to holf the rings, or do I need to. I need Mounting and cutting holes for router mounting For the Real Dummies.
1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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