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I have had one for 4 years and it works great I think that the same company that makes Grizzly Vac makes Central Vac, the green paint job is a bit lighter than Grizzly but that's the only thing I can see that's Dif.
I'm trying to recall what I paid for it I think it was on sale and I got it for 129.oo, 2HP two bag type with a base on wheels. (110 volt or 220volt )
I did pickup a remote wireless switch for it from Grizzly and the 4" hose from Rockler 2ea. 10ft. and some other parts for the Vac. system,floor pickup,brush,etc.
You can see a snapshot of it at or to say part of it.
I don't like most of the Central equipment but this one is OK.
Just my 2 cents.

Bj :)
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