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I was asked to build 10 ceremonial coin holders in Walnut and these will be used for going away gifts. The blanks will be laser engraved with the recipient's info as needed. These are not complicated at all but I thought it would be neat to video the light production on the CNC. The CNC only represents a very small step of the build process but it was fun so I posted the video.

The bulk of the machining was on the table saw but I also used the planer, drum sander, jointer, router table, and stationary belt sander. These are finished with one coat of sanding sealer and one coat of gloss Nitrocellulose lacquer. The top piece is held in place with two #10 biscuits and a screw and the slanted face is cut on a 25° angle. The base is 4" x 8" and the top piece is 1.5" high x 7" long. The slots were cut with a 1/8" spiral downcut bit at 18,000 rpm at 100 ipm feed rate. I don't have a flat bottom blade for the table saw and wasn't going to buy one for this job so that made it an easy call to use the CNC for the slots. To help the laser shop on the engraving process I built a simple fixture to hold the top piece front slant level in their machine.

Short video on cutting the slots -

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