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Toolfreak said:
Anybody order bits from these guys before?

If so, what was your experience like? Would you say these are a good value? Are they better/worse than the Holbren bits?

- Toolfreak
I have a lot of their bits. I like the "no postage", a big deal now a days. Things I have found I didn't like... no fault of theirs.... they have taken back with no question, didn't even need a RMA or to contact them first. I like to deal with them and wish more companies would be so nice. They have a better line of bits "Katana" they are nice too.

During the "moving" sale at Holbren I got a couple of sets of bits and have not tried them out yet but at the 40% sale they appear to be a really good deal...... yea sorry, I guess the sale is over. I am interested in getting a few of mine in use to see how I like them for real.... then I might decide to buy more.

I get bits from several places, and buy different "quality vs price" bits. I save my "good" "expensive" bits for projects that need them and use "cheaper" bits for a lot of other things. I get what I feel is a good value from MLCS.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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