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Chest of drawers

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here are a few pics of the chest of drawers I've been working on. Believe me, the pictures don't do the graftline walnut justice... By the time I got done cleaning up the walnut there wasn't as much as I had hoped. So I took and resawed it, then book matched all but 2 of the drawer fronts. I kinda like how it turned out. The frame is cherry.


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Bill that is awesome! Yeah the finish should really make it pop! Fine work!
Wow some guys have all the luck! Nice find Bill! Better be extra nice to that annoying friend eh? :)
I have a real passion for highly figured and deep grained woods. I would say your project is simply spectacular! Sometimes gloss finishes really don't work well on furniture but your finishing made everthing about that chest just pop! It's the kind of piece you just want to spend a long time looking at. AWESOME!
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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