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Chest on Chest

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New York State lockdown gave me opportunity to stay home and lock myself in my workshop. I started this cherry and mahogany chest project about a year ago, finally finished. The upper chest and lower chest are not fastened together to make the chest easier to move.


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That is very nice, Aki, very nice work! That's a good combination of woods, too. What finish did you use? Is this your design? It's nice.

Very sharp, agree with Dave good choice of wood
Beautiful piece...wood choices are awesome...
That’s an impressive outcome, great work! ;)
count me in as an echo to what the others said...
Outstanding work - like the mitered casing faces too. Beautiful results. Give us some production notes on the process you used.
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Good job, that idea of making a 2 piece is fantastic, U could be used as a dresser or a chest at the foot of the bed.
Real nice color and wood grain.
Absolutely beautiful Aki.
Looks real nice from where I'm sitting. What Herb said, but he forgot to mention the dovetails.
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Wow. What a beautiful piece of work. Thanks for posing it with the drawers out so we can see those elegant dovetails. I am kind of a sucker for Cherry and with mahogany, it will take on a red quality over time. That's a piece to hand down as a family treasure.
That is very nice, beautiful workmanship.
I agree with everyone...that is a beautifully executed piece of furniture.
Aki I don't normally like a boxy style in furniture but I love this. I think your choice of woods and joinery used are the reason I like this so much. Great idea leaving then as separate stacking units.

Add the feet to the upper unit and you would have a matching chest for the foot of the bed or maybe it could be the footboard of the bed.
It might have taken you a while to get around to finishing it... It's worth the wait!
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