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I finally had a chance to use my new home-made Version 2 separator for my DW735. I was attempting to resolve a few usability issues (below) with using my first separator for this purpose (which is normally mounted under my vacuum on a cart)

  1. it’s a pain to extract separator from the cart for emptying. My Rigid vac was always disconnected from the separator for this op since I doubted if it could keep up with DW735 CFM
  2. The original 20 gal can was just too small; a plastic can was the wrong choice.
  3. There was no way to control the fine exhaust dust coming out of the separator (think Rosewood) so I’d never be able to use it inside - I was putting the separator exhaust into a waste bucket just to minimize the cloud outside. (I don’t have a serious DC system).

The essentials

Standard Thein lid setup for a 30 gal galvanized can

Random round $8 auto filters – double stacked on the exhaust with some aluminum screen for a chip pre-filter. I was concerned with filter through put – their ratings are on line, I picked the one with the largest number and then used 2 figuring if 1 was bad idea, 2 would only be half as bad. (Filter specs were only for relative comparison only since I never had specs on the planer).

(As an afterthought) Roof flashing was cut, bent and duct tapped into a hood to direct the exhaust (I didn’t want it becoming my new shop ventilation system). This was the most difficult and creative task of the project. I wonder how long the duct tape will hold.

The mistakes

Since I wanted a simple and reliable clamping system I committed on this design before fully figuring out the filter configuration. I would have preferred to use a 12” square furnace filter or at least square auto filters but remaining space only allowed for a circular configuration.

The results

I had to make a small circle jig for the cutouts – yippee, something else to store. Key items here – brass bushings for the centering pins, magnetic keepers on board for 2 different length pins.

The separator filter lid worked perfectly – NO dust on the lid and NO backup at the planer. This was based on about 20 gals of chips, many types of wood. I won’t have a problem using this inside. And I’m glad I put the exhaust director on.
BUT there is now a filter clean-out task at the end of the job … got the air compressor out.

If nothing else, I think it looks cool


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