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My youngest is training in the field of Recreational Therapy, which uses a wide range of 'normal' activities as a medium of therapy for physical/emotional/mental health issues. One of the tools they use that has a lot of success is role playing games.

One of the "cool things" to have for roll playing games is a dice tower. It keeps people from cheating on how they roll the dice, and keeps the dice from winding up off the table. They had ordered a cheap, laser cut one, but it just wasn't going to cut it.

they showed me nice wood ones on-line, and they ranged from $130-$700 depending on the species and special features. I decided to glue up a bunch of scrap walnut and basswood to make a brick pattern. I made plugs to go inside while gluing it up to keep everything aligned and square. Inside is a set of baffles made from a salvaged piece of furniture which causes the dice to bounce at least 3 times. I originally intended to add a crenellated wrap around the top of the tower to make it look more 'castle-like', but they said that would make it look to busy.

The finish is oil and wax, but unfortunately the end grain of the basswood turned very dark, so you can't see how the pattern wraps around the side. But they are happy with it.


1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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