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I had a job come up a while back that required me to make a 5' circle and I had little time to accomplish it. I had one of those 'late night' brainstorms that let it all happen. I have a Bosch plunge router, it normally takes a fence that has 2 rods that fit though the base. I found a 4' piece of threaded rod that just slipped though one of the fence holes, 4 nuts and 2 lockwashers to fit, plus some misc washers etc. I drilled a hole big enough to handle a screw through it. I slipped a pair of nuts onto the rod plus a lockwasher then put it through the base of the router. screwed the rod (with washers below) to the center of the piece, put it through router base, another lock washer and 2 nuts. Once adjusted, I used a spiral carbide bit and did it in little cuts and I was able to do the job.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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