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Hi, Halteh:
Welcome to the forum. Looking at the table you have built, you have done a nice job.
The table shown is more of elipse than a circle. A circle jig is nothing more than a means of anchoring a pivot to the center of a material, and running the router around the pivot by means of an arm from the pivot to the router. If you plan to use circle jigs often, I would look at the jigs from Micro Fence. will get you there. I have them and they work perfect. By the way the are guaranteed for life, by the manufacturer. The are pricey, but they do get the job done. You can also make a circle jig, for any router. make an extention to your router base at least half the diameter of the circle you want to make, drill one end to fit the hole pattern of your router, and fasten it to the router in place of the original sub base. The other end of the extention needs a hole for a pivot, which can be a nail or screw, and that will go into the center of the circle. A special router is not needed to do thisas long as the router has the power to cut the material being cut. The cut can also be made in more than one pass if the material is thick.
Hope this helps.. Woodnut65
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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