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Most routers come with a guide fence that can be replaced by a single rod with a pointer for making small circles although it will move suddenly when you complete the cut unless the wood is held down with double sided tape to prevent the poiter moving.
A larger circle cutting jig can be made easily from 1/4" plywood with a hole at one end to clear the cutter. This is screwed to the router base.
A screw can then be fitted to make the right diameter cut.
It can be made adjustable by routing a straight slot with a stepped cut to take a 1/" nut head to stop it spinning.
The bolt is slid along the slot and tightended down when the required radius is reached.
It just needs a 1/4" hole part way into the bottom of the table top to fit the polt into.
This could be improved by removing the part of the bolt thread that sticks below the jig and drilling a smaller hole for this pivot point to fit snuggly.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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