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Good day

The “circular saw guide” idea is very old, I just “modified” it by using “floor panels”.
Those panels are made of HDF covered from both sides with plastic laminate (Formica), which is very smooth and the saw is “skiing” on it, and if I have 15 years guaranty, they should be good.

The panels are coming in 50” or 100” length (I use the 50”).
The width is 7-1/2” and the thickness is 5/16”.
I connected 2 panels to get the required width (they “click” to each other nicely).
When you cut the width, cut it wider than the “motor line” to be able to clamp it without interference between the motor and the clamps.
You can glue anti-skid tape or sanding paper at the bottom, personally, I don’t like it.

The measuring and guide positioning method gives a very precise cut.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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