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Clearvue 1800 Cyclone

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Unit is in Northern Virginia - either local pickup or I will drive part way if reasonable.

Partially assembled Clearvue 1800 Cyclone

Bought for my CNC but have decided to exit hobby
Motor unit is partially assembled.

Great opportunity to get this fantastic dust collector at a discount.

Unit includes a side by side filter stack to accommodate low basement ceilings..SEE DIAGRAM

Description from Clearvue website

CV1800 LH Single Phase System Bundle includes:

Leeson 5HP Motor - Single Phase
15" Blower HousingMade in the USA
15" Impeller
CV1800 LH Cyclone Body
90° Filter Transition
Hanging Plate
(2) 6" Flex Hose Clamps
(1) Filter Clamp
Cyclone Hardware Kit
(2) 9B300NANO Wynn Filters
(1) Set Wall Mounting Brackets (Included - $50 Value)
(1) Filter Clean Out Box (Included - $80 Value)
(1) Electrical Box with Remote Control (Included - $250 Value)

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Sorry to hear you are giving up woodworking,that is a nice set-up. You didn't put a price on it, I would guess it is not free.
I'm also sorry to hear you're getting out of the hobby. It would be a great improvement over what I have but I'm guessing Kansas is a little too far to meet.
Curious as to what you want to price it as
Sorry...forgot to add the price...Doh. I am asking $1800.
It has sold...
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Reactions: 1 thing I am not satisfactory on is the covers over the filters. Are the filters uncovered? Do you get great sound decrease with uncovered channels? Or then again is the cover taken out only for the photograph? I got a $20-25 small scale sound level meter. It is valuable for deciding the genuine sound decrease.

Something else to be cautious about is air spills around your channel receptacle. Evidently, the tornado dust partition gets truly downright terrible little air spills in the canister. ClearVue twisters have incredible detachment effectiveness, however they rely upon a totally impermeable assortment receptacle. Tell us how it functions out.

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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