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Yellow Gas Machine Engineering Tool

Hi all!
This is my firts post, this forum it,s amazing!!!
I have recently buyed an Over arm router from CMC manufacturer. The CMC Kopy 800 from the 90’.s It seems that this manufacturer does not exist anymore…As per the information I have found in internet, this model, exactly the same one, was made also by other manufacturers, like SCM, Technomax, etc.. I would like to buy the aspiration kit, that it is exactly the same of the SCM machines.. but SCM, do not want to sell me anything if I do not have an original SCM machine.. Please, is there anyone who can help me on that? Is there any place where I can found spare parts? Thanks!!!!!!
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welcome to the forum !! I see by your country flag that you are in Spain ? we welcome members here from all over the world. there are a few regular members here from Spain also.
thank you for adding a photo of the machine, that is a big help when asking questions like this. I hope you find what you need.
Edit: when you say "aspiration kit" = are you talking about the dust control vacuum part that connects to your dust collection system ? if so, that might be available from another machine that can be modified to fit yours.
some actual photos of the "aspiration kit" that you need might help, if you can find some.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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