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Yellow Gas Machine Engineering Tool

Hi all!
This is my firts post, this forum it,s amazing!!!
I have recently buyed an Over arm router from CMC manufacturer. The CMC Kopy 800 from the 90’.s It seems that this manufacturer does not exist anymore…As per the information I have found in internet, this model, exactly the same one, was made also by other manufacturers, like SCM, Technomax, etc.. I would like to buy the aspiration kit, that it is exactly the same of the SCM machines.. but SCM, do not want to sell me anything if I do not have an original SCM machine.. Please, is there anyone who can help me on that? Is there any place where I can found spare parts? Thanks!!!!!!
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Good luck with your search! If you cannot find your attachment, you could try a shop made version for it. It looks like 2 to 4 bolts hold it to the machine... just a thought.
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