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Nice job on the setup. Today my CNC cabinet was full of Red Cedar after I cut out 16 wooden cedar candle lantern kits. Four 3/4" x24"x24" red cedar glued up panels. On the 3rd panel i hit a screw with a 1/8" end mill and everything after that was not cut all the way through. Only 6 of the 32 parts cut out all the way. I had to bandsaw all my parts out and used a flush trim router and bit against the edge of the bit that still cut flat so all was not lost. Milled up 10 gallons of cedar shavings from all that CNCing. I use a 1" foam box that sits over my Shark. I just lift one end to access stuff and then put it back down then go to the rear of the machine and lift the box and prop it up and put my hold downs and do clean up. The foam enclousre only weighs a few pounds. I use a 4" port for dust collection but only collect the floating dust inside the box. I use a shop vac after machining to clean up the shavings. Works great.
Always enjoy this stuff. It's a learning curve with lots of fun!
2021 CNC and Shop updates Shark 510HD - YouTube
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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