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Yes any CNC can do what you ask. You need both the machine and design software to create the instructions (g-code) for the machine. There are many machines (some somewhat more capable than the nextwave machines) in that $2k and under price range. The software to design “3D” items can cost more than the machine. Doing 2D (cutouts) or “2.5D” (VCarving. Pockets, fluting, etc.) can be designed in free or lower cost software. Software such as VCarve or Carveco Maker can create toolpaths and generate gcode for “canned” 3D shapes you buy or download, but not create original 3D forms yourself. More expensive software like Aspire ($2k) and Carveco Maker ($50/mo or $1200) can both create 3D and create the toolpaths.

Others use software not designed just for 3D routing like blender (free) or zbrush (free limited versions - $$$ full version) to design their models and bring them to the lower cost VCarve or Carveco Maker to create toolpaths. And of course people have been hand carving or shaping wood for centuries using carving chisels, files, rasps, etc. All are available options, and all will require training and practice to become proficient.

Depends on what you want to spend your time and energy on learning.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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