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CNC costs for small use

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I know I can search the forum for some of this but I am trying to get a real idea from you users. I have not mastered free hand routing yet and think of CNC as “kinda” cheating (I know fighting words here) but one thing I can’t do free hand is a 3d object.

I would like your opinions on the cost and what I need. I see ads for the table, software, and then some show using a rotor motor. Others call it a spindle, I think. Then any number of accessories. CNC seems like it could be a “money pit.”

All I would like to do is create small 3d objects to then glue on boxes or plaques. I could buy figurines at places like Hobby Lobby but it would be nice to do my own designs.

Shark seems to be one of the cheaper brands for beginners to start out. The bottom end tables cost ~$2k but software is all over the place in cost.

Thanks for your help and hopefully I have not really offended any of you. I want to master freehand routing but to put a raised bird, butterfly or name on a box would be really cool.

After re-reading this, to explain what I think I can do with a CNC, is place my work piece on top of a sacrificial board on the table. I would program the CNC to cut out my figurines. I would then glue the figurines to whatever. I do not want to carve the figurine directly into the box or plaque.

Thanks again
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Thanks you all again for your advice.

and Oscar, that is very nice work!
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