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(CNC) How to Tune Motors with A TinyG

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Hi, I am a high school student in an Engineering class. My group and I are building a CNC Router out of a TinyG, 3 NEMA 23 Motors, and a spindle speed controller. We have got our motors running on jog mode through the Universal G-Code Sender, but we cannot figure out how to send codes to the TinyG through either the Universal G-Code Sender or through Coolterm. We have tried to send $100, $101, and $102 GRBL codes to edit the steps/mm, but we have never successfully sent the codes. We have also tried other codes to tune our motors, but neither our group nor our teacher can figure out what codes to send, or where to send them. If you have any ideas, please send them our way! Thanks.
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I have a tinyG that I use to run a small home-made CNC with nema 23 motors salvaged from old printers. I configure it and send g-code files to it through tgFX on my windows 10 laptop. Do a Google search for tgFX and you should be on your way to tinyG fun.

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