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HI: I am new to cnc.I have a meteor with vectric aspire software.My problem is I touch off all 3 axis.Then the router moves away from the work piece and starts cutting.I went to wiki on probotix web sight.Open up the file and that as far as I got.Can't fine the post processor.Iam using window10.I think it's has something to do with g code.Can someone help me step my step to take care of this? Thank Ron
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In Aspire you start each job by setting where the origin is going to be relative to the outline of your workpiece. A corner or the center, top or bottom of the workpiece, and with or without an offset.
When you set up the workpiece on your CNC and touch off (make zero) X,Y, and Z axes they must be in the same place as they were in Aspire.

Some people get thrown off by the offset, not realizing it is shifting what it cuts by the X and Y amounts set for offset.

The correct post processor would be either EMC2 G64 (arcs) inch.ngc (or something similar) or a Probotix...something.ngc that probotix set you up with.

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Note: There a lot of post processors listed for the many different manufacturers.

This is the post processor you would use.
EMC2-G64 Arcs (inch)-G54(*.ngc)

There a lot of Vectric training videos on YouTube. They have been very helpful to me.
Thank you.I am finely up and running. Been a long road. Thank adain Ron
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