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CNC Purchase Questions

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I'm currently outsource my CNC router work. The goal is to bring the routing in house to reduce some bottlenecks. I am looking at several manufactures overseas. That will be powerful enough to cut through 1.5" plywood in one pass. One company said I need a minimum of 6kw another said I need a 9kw. Any suggestions would help.
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Get something from HERE. Legacy, Shopbot, Luna, and others make great commercial machines. Support is very important. Plus the Chinese training stuff is hard to understand and it takes forever for them to get here for a service call. A good machine with operators and staff that understand it will keep your inhouse maintenance expenses down and parts and upgrades are available as they happen.

You can even build one from a kit (like CNC Routerparts) that will work.

There will be issues with the upkeep so localize it as much as possible. This goes for a hobby machine or commercial machine.

Depends on your budget, needs, and personnel.

My wife's company have machines that cost upwards of
$150K - I drool every time I go over there - and being able to have support to keep them running (when needed) is crucial,

Just my 2 cents. Probably not even worth that.
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Robert a single pass cut of 1.5" will probably take 6kw minimum to get feed rates you would be looking for and the 9kw would be better so you have the extra power available. You would also be looking for large long compression bits to minimize any damage to the surface veneers.

Personally if I were looking for a large industrial CNC machine for a business I would be looking at US based companies that have good support and quick reliable repair services. I would also consider it a plus if they are close to your location because some companies will add airline and hotel charges to the repair bill.

If you buy overseas you may be the only support and repair service that you can get. Make sure they have a readable manual and that any tech support they do supply is provided in a language you understand and talk.

And that's my 2 cents.
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