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I started with a 60 degree v bit, a 1/4 down spiral, and a 1/8" ball nosed taper, plus all the router bits I had accumulated over the years. It really depends on the project what you are going to need. I ended up needing larger spiral bits to hog out material in the bowls I was making, as well as a bowl bottom bit for finishing the bottoms.

I have broke a few bits, mainly because of human error. It happens. all it takes is not setting your safe z clearance, or resetting your tool zero when changing a tool, or running into a clamp.... lessons you hope to only need to learn once.

Things that have stopped me cold were needing brushes for the router motor, needing a flexible coupling for my Z axis; things which only failed with a tight deadline on a weekend.... I now have a little supply of spares that I keep on hand.
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