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Not sure of too much on it probably up to about $700. Cyber sale.
That's a tough one, combo units tend to be a little pricy, while 700 sounds like a little bit and it is; in the cnc world it's really not much, I would start out with one or the other, you will get a little bit more for your dollars, you tube is going to be your friend but only on unbiased reviews, you know what you're looking for in capabilities and seeing it in action will be worth a lot, then finding one you like on Cyber sale is a whole new game. Don't trust the star ratings either, folks get paid to post 5 stars. lol I personally don't have any recommendation, search "best cnc router under $700" find one you might think will work and then look for unbiased reviews. There is a ton to choice from out there, with out a ton research it can be a crapshoot. I really hope you can find what you're looking for. I'm sure other here have might have a different opinion or can steer you in the right direction, Cheers!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts