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A much needed upgrade pendant for the Huanyang HY series VFD controller!
  • Comes with a 6 foot round shielded cable.
  • The cover replaces your display interface in the main controller and keeps the dust and debris out.
  • The housing tightly fits your display interface for a clean sharp appearance.
  • Unlike a ribbon cable, this cable is electromagnetically shielded. Round cables are also more manageable, durable and neater to coil and stow.
  • There are 2 wall mount slots for #6 screws. Make a custom control panel, or mount it to your dust enclosure.
  • There is a hanger loop so you can hang your pendant from a hook, screw or nail.
  • There's a powerful Neodymium magnet for snapping the pendant to any steel or magnetic surface.
  • There's a side hook for your cable, to keep it out of the way while you're working.
  • Installation is very easy, all that is needed is a #2 Phillips screwdriver.
  • Made in the U.S.A..
  • $85 and free shipping anywhere in the continental United States.
This item does NOT come with a remote display or main controller. Only the the cable, display housing and cover are included.
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Welcome to the forum, Radio. What part of the world are you in ?
Is this post something you have that you are wanting to sell? - or - just a review in case someone needs one like it ??
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Thanks! I'm in Los Angeles
I realized that my post is in the wrong forum. I want to sell this item. I tried to post it in the marketplace, but I was not allowed in. Do I need a paid subscription to post this?
Thanks, Mike
Mike, the rules of selling things are in the classifieds heading.
We strongly discourage new members that join just to sell or buy something and then we never see them again. This is not a clearing house for peoples unwanted stuff. We would like to see you become an active, contributing member as it looks like you are into the CNC world. For now, your post for selling is going to be removed.
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Fair enough. Thanks, I'll peruse the forums to see where I can be of help.
Thanks, Mike
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