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CNC Wood Router Buying Guide

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I'm seeking a non-biased source of recommendations and source to use in preparation to purchase a CNC router and software. I acknowledge that there are a large number of variables, but I am planning to purchase the equipment for a hobbyist use, and for creating occasional craft show items.

I am also interested in the various price points when trying to do 2d and 3d carvings. I've seen some gorgeous carvings that seem to be 2.5 to 3d, but no mention of what's required to accomplish that type of car.

Thanks in advance for your input.
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It really depends on your budget and what you will carving. If you are doing 2.5d carvings, how deep will you be carving?

I have a $2K cnc that can carve 1 inch deep and an $8K cnc that can carve 4 inches deep. There are many other machines that can carve way deeper.

So budget and carve expectations?

Higher price: stiffer, more power, faster, more accuracy.
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