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CNCRouterParts Pro4896 (Redmond, WA)

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Bought new in 6/2015. Fully assembled, operational, and in great condition. Over $10K invested. Asking $6500 if you come get it. I have a trailer and could help with local transport but you help organize the people power. Local pickup only at Redmond, Washington (30 min outside of Seattle). I don't want to mess with breaking it down myself and trying to ship it.

Light use, but enough use to get it dialed in and get proficient with it. I really enjoyed working with this machine but don't have the time for it anymore.

From the original invoice from CNC Router Parts:
1*x PRO4896*4'*x*8'*CNC*Router*Kit
1*x PRO*Complete*Cable*Track*Kit
1*x Steel*Leg*Kit*(PRO*CNC)
1*x 4*Axis*Digital*Plug*and*Play*Nema*23*System
1*x Pepperl*+*Fuchs*Proximity*Limit*Switch*Kit
1*x Porter*Cable*690/892*Router*Mount
1*x Mach3*CNC*Control*Software

Includes a Porter Cable router, but it is easily upgradable to use a spindle if/when you want to upgrade.

Includes the PC so you will be plug and play ready to go. Tons of accessories like Auto Z and Corner Finding Touch Plate, drag knife, digitizing probe (fun accessory), bits, hold downs etc. Jet dust collector, dust shoe, fittings, etc.

I will put up some pictures by next Monday, but thought I'd get this post out before heading out of town for Fri/Sat/Sun in case someone wanted to get the ball rolling for a possible Memorial Day pickup or viewing of it.
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Does this version use V bearings or linear bearings . The reason I ask , cncrouterparts upgraded to linear bearings a while back , but I can’t remember the exact year .

If you’d like help to post pictures, let me know and I’ll send you my personal email so I can post them for you
I think you are referring to the differences between the PRO and non-PRO models. The introduction of the PRO model was what maybe you are referring to. The PRO models use the V-Roller system and the non-PRO uses a flat system (which I guess was harder assemble and align). So I think you have the upgrade direction wrong (with the V system being preferred) This is the PRO version. I'm not aware of another change if you are talking about something else. I can research further. I can't take pictures until I return on Monday but thanks for the offer to help post.
No ,at one time the pro version was V bearing only . Later on they found a company that supplied them with linear bearings , so they did an update and went with linear bearings.

Regarding the non pro version , I don’t care for that version at all .
Scottart here has an older Pro version and it’s the V bearing system. I am not bashing the V bearing system in any way , as they both have there advantages and disadvantages.
Hey RainMan 2.0,

I'm interested in your thoughts on the pros/cons of the v-bearing system compared to the linear rail system and why you think CNC router parts moved to the linear rails if they are equal.

Linear rails would increase the rigidity of the machine ,and less maintenance for two.
The V bearings sit on hardened rails , of which I’ve seen owners wear them out prematurely as possibly they had the V bearings set to tight .
The V bearings would have the advantage dust wise imo , although I suspect the linear bearings would have decent wipers .

I read cncrouterparts found a company that could supply linear rails at a reasonable price ,this way they could keep the price the same and competitive after upgrading the design to linear bearings instead of their previous V bearing setup .
Obviously I’m no expert on the subject , just things I’ve picked up on over the last five years or so .
I know Scottart here at the forum has had great success with there V bearing Pro model .
The linear bearing upgrade was released shortly after Scott acquired his .
I’d be happy with either, although I’d prefer linear bearings. I was tempted to build a scratch built cnc router table , but the price for 20mm linear bearings is outrageous, so I’d be further ahead buying one from cncrouterparts
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