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Are you considering steam bending wood for the four legs? A couple of wet overcoats can be fairly heavy, so merely cutting curved shapes for the four feet means they will have a tendency to breaking at their weakest points. Steam bending will give you a nice curve, with strength. Joining them to a post may mean keeping the top of each leg straight so you can work them into slots at the base of the post for the stand.

If you use steam bending, you will need to make a jig to the shape of the leg, to hold in in place while it dries. The jig has two pieces. each the shape of the final piece, but one is a positive shape, the other is a negative shape. Here's an even simpler method, including a nifty steam box build.

Place the steamed piece quickly into the jig, then put the second piece in place and as fast as possible, pull the two shaped pieces together with clamps. to force the steamed piece into the exact shape.

I've seen so many designs over my lifetime, that I agree you should search coat trees and start collecting pictures.
Agree, I've been steam bending for a couple of years. I use an old propane deep fryer as my steam generator.
For bending any tight curves I've learned to use multiple thin strips of wood.
There is a lot of information put on the web.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts