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Hi Duncan, this is the info from the musclechuck compatibility page.

Info:Nut Size Across Flats - 1 1/16 in. RF1101 - type 13

Info:# Of Grooves On Head - 3 | Nut Size Across Flats - 1 in. - RP1800; RP2301FC - type 9

Info:# Of Grooves On Head - 1 | Nut Size Across Flats - 15/16 in. - 3612; 3612C; 3612BR - type 4

If you have a collet already, you'll probably notice that the nut size will probably not match. All these are for 1/2 inch bits I believe. They will have adapters available for the 1/4, but they only work with musclechuck if my understanding is correct. Makita sells your specific collet for $4~$5 on their website, amazon sells the same part for about 12 dollars. I have zero experience in these matters, other more experienced people would be better able to tell you if a hack is possible safely, or just might want to get a router that accepts 1/2 inch shanks.

I am having massive trouble navigating the router compatibility as well, things are not so easy and clear as we would want them to be. The open nut size is how I took the plunge, even though my bosch model is not listed specifically. I wanted to know Bosch 1600 CE, the one listed is Bosch 1600 without a Bosch part number, so can't tell which model they are referring to. One of the Bosch 1600 model accepts a 1/2 inch shank size (12.7mm) and another accepts a 12mm size. The CE version only accepts the 12mm version. So be mindful of these little details if buying a new router.

Hope you find a solution.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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