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collet nut

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Hi i was given a ryobi ERT-1150VN but it has no collet or nut the part number for the nut is 5133000240 does anyone know where i could buy one.

would be grateful for any help
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Hello N/A and welcome to the forums...
BTW.. knowing what country you reside in would be a big help...

your parts show to be discontinued in the US..
for the UK there's this site...
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Glas you decided to join the fun. We have a lot of UK members who should be along soon. They know more about the brand's UK offerings that we yanks.
Amazon or Google it. I recently have been chasing a Craftsman replacement. Amazon and Googling the model and word replacmewnt will get you many to choose from.
Welcome parrotman. This shows the collet available. Part number 90. It says to contact them for the nut, part 89.
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