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This prevents the collet from rotating, even though the collet needs quite a bit of torque to tighten or loosen it . When I am through, I screw the whole router downwards and the brass pad pops out and is kept handy for the next bit change.
This is why I prefer machines that use 2 wrenches. One counter rotates against the other so that you can often get both wrenches in the same hand annd squeeze them towards each other.

I would post dimensioned diagrams and photos of the brass spacer and of my hinged-top router table, but I understand that I have to post more messages before I will be allowed to post photos etc?

You can't post links but you can post pictures that are stored in your hard drive. Use the Advanced posting option and look for the button that says Manage Attachments. Click on it and you'll see some lines with Browse Attachments at the beginning. Click on those and they will take you into your computer where you'll find the files you want to download and click on them and click open. You'll need to maximize your screen so that you can see the Upload Files button and the Close Window one when they have loaded to the forum.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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