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Collet problem with DeWalt D26200

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I am just setting up my woodwork shop and purchased a DeWalt 26200 fixed base router and a second fixed base so that I could make two different router tables. There is a small but very irritating problem: the 1/4 inch collet has instead of a six-sided nut a cylindrical nut with only two flats on it. This makes it extremely difficult to tighten when the collet is inside the fixed base and accessible only through a little window in the base casing.
I have had to purchase a new collet with a standard type of nut for £30. Why do DeWalt supply the nut with two flats? It seems to have only disadvantages compared with the six-sided nut shown in all their drawings of the 26200.
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This message is just to let everyone who is interested know that I have finally solved the problem of changing the router bit in the DeWalt fixed base router without removing the router from its cylindrical housing. I made up a square piece of brass sheet a few millimeters thick that could (after a little milling to shape) be slipped between the router and the holder in order to hold down the lock button. This prevents the collet from rotating, even though the collet needs quite a bit of torque to tighten or loosen it . When I am through, I screw the whole router downwards and the brass pad pops out and is kept handy for the next bit change.
I would post dimensioned diagrams and photos of the brass spacer and of my hinged-top router table, but I understand that I have to post more messages before I will be allowed to post photos etc?
Good to hear you're in operation...

Regarding are allowed to post pictures that are located on your hard drive, or drive connected externally. But you cannot post links until you have 10 posts...
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