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Hi all,

I'm new to routing, but already I've hit a snag. I have a Hikoki M12VE with two collets: 1/2" and 1/4", which I think roughly equates to 13mm and 6mm. I recently picked up an 8mm bit which I would like to be able to use. I was wondering if it would be an option to buy a collet reducer like the "Leigh Router Collet Reduction Sleeve - 1/2" to 8mm" from Axminster Tools, or whether I can swap the existing collet and chuck with an 8mm from any other brand e.g. Trend, Bosch etc.

Any help on this one is much appreciated.


Although the best solution is to use an appropriate chuck for the router bit you are using, an sleeve will work fine. Pay attention as no a such sleeves are created equal: just be sure you get a good quality one.

Actually, for a couple of decades I used a reduction sleeve from 12 mm to 8 mm with my Hitachi TR12. My dad made me the sleeve almost 40 years ago as he had a machine shop available for him.

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