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Hi All,

I just ordered a used Bosch 900 CE off ebay and it doesn't have a collet attached. I've been searching online for replacement collets and the officially supported Bosch collets for the router are all around $100 CAD.

I was wondering if anyone here might have a 900 they could measure the collet size on for me, to see if there are aftermarket options.

The collets are apparently the same as those used on the POF 800 ACE, 1100 AE, 1200 AE, 1300 ACE and 1400 ACE

These are the part numbers for the official Bosch collets:

6mm: 2608570100
1/4: 2608570101
8mm: 2608570102

Thanks guys!

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Welcome to the forum. Buying an older router, without a collet, seems a bit risky?
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