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Complete newbie here

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Hiya all,

I'm Bernie. I'm completely new to this forum and to woodworking. I've always wanted to learn and now I have a bunch of things that I need so I figured this would be a good time to learn. Better to build it than to buy it, I hope. I'm hoping to learn whatever I can. The first thing I need to do is buy a router and table, but I'm not sure which ones so if anyone wants to suggest anything, please do. Any and all tips accepted.

Thanks all.

Ok, after some more reading I guess I should mention that I probably will do most everything on a table and that I'm looking to use large bits, cabinet work is one of the things I want to do. I'm looking to make a few fish tank stands, build a bar, and redo my kitcken cabinets. I guess that means I need to look for a var speed 3 1/4 hp router.
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Welcome to the forum. The way it sounds you'll need the bigger model router for what you want to do. I own 2 690 porter cable fixed based models one for free hand and one for my table it get me by for what I want to do with it. Oakpark has a nice router table. For half dencent prices on routers I really don't have an answer for the 3 1/4 pc models they are pretty much the same. But between table and router you are looking at some serious money.
Welcome to!
Hi Bernie, look forward to talking about routers with you. Rick
Welcome Bernie. Dis is da place for help on routing questions. Only problem is deciding which good advice to follow! There is more than one way to perform many router operations. As long as you stick to good safety rules you can't go wrong.
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