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I have a computer that I would like to dedicate exclusively to my workshop.
Does anyone have any plans for building a computer cabinet for this purpose, or is this just a bad idea because of the dust factor?

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At work, we have computers in industrial cabinets, with their own forced air systems, and the problem we have is with dust getting into them. Even with filters the insides have to be cleaned quarterly. I can only imagine that in a workshop with a lot of sawdust this will be an even bigger challenge to keep the dirt out.

That said, if you could build an airtight box (with a window for the monitor) to keep the CPU and monitor in that has adequate filters and fans to keep them cool and clean, and just leave the keyboard and mouse exposed to the "elements" you probably would be OK. Keyboards and mice are cheap enough now that if you had to replace them each year it wouldn't be more than $25.

As always, surge protector, etc, and don't leave it running when not working in shop would probably be good safety practice.

Or, if you have REALLY, REALLY good dust collection, you could hope for the best and just set it on your bench...........

Just a humble opinion,

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Kevin, PC's just dont work out well in a shop environment. Most of the machines you have will draw the full load for a 15 amp circuit, motors require their own circuit by code. Garages and shops rarely have adequate power or isolation transformers to protect the computer circuit from line noise, and that is just bad news as well. Add in the dust problem and temperature control... keeping the PC in the house is the right idea.
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