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Considering buying additional equipment

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I have a shop that I am setting up. I have been buying equipment for the last 20 yrs and now I want to put it to good use. I was lookiong at Sommerfield for the jigs but want to see what other users think about it. I have a Shopsmith, SS jig saw, SS band saw, Shopsmithi table saw, Legacy 1200 and bunch of misc toolsl. I am 78 yrs old and the wife says to quit buying tools and start putting them to good use, I have a 20 by 26 ft shop. I like the Sommerfield but saw a entry online that makes me question whether I want to spend additional money for another new tool. I am a member of a fantastic woodworking club but I am completely a novice when it
comes to wood working.
Des anyone have the sommerfiels complete setup which lists aor approx $1500
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Hi Blaine, welcome to the forum.

Firstly, I believe you should decide what you want to make...(boxes, clocks, small furniture , fine furniture) before you start shopping for more tools.......

I would not spend $1500 just to build some small boxes or kitchen cupboards.....

Also, attend more meetings at your wood working club and talk to the members. You will get so many great ideas from them.

Plus, of course, browse this forum. many ideas here....
Hi Blaine, welcome.
I have 2 Sommerfeld tables & use his bits & some of his jigs to build cabinets with. The Sommerfeld products are of top quality. He has a set of DVD's that you could order if any of the subjects interest you. I don't have $1500 in my table setups so you can put one together for much less. But like James said you need to decide what you want to build & then take it from there.

Sounds like you have more than enough to start building some projects. Then if you need to expand your tools then do so as you go. But you have plenty to get started now. Ask your wife what she would like to have built around the house for starters. In time she may be ok with you expanding your tool collection.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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