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Contact in the Arctic

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Just a shout of introduction.
I specialize in controls and automation and am based out of Kotzebue, Alaska

I registered on this site to find parts for a duplicator I used back in the early '90's

If you're ever in the area and break your only carbide cutter and need a loaner give me a shout.

[email protected]
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John and Harry, you bunch of wussies!! :)

A buddy of mine had successfully shot a moose and was packing it out (about 2 miles, was about 1/4 mile from camp) when a bear came along. The bear decided it was going to be his dinner and wouldn't take "No" for an answer. My buddy told me it was the first time he'd even taken a moose *and* a bear on the same hunt!

Come on Harry... shooting from your front porch is ideal. You don't have to move it far and can use your garage to cut / hang the meat!

A couple of years ago there was a guy who got arrested for hunting moose out of season. Cometo find out he'd put a salt-lick outside his place and, after the moose started coming there, inched it into his garage. Then one day he closed the garage door after the moose went inside. JUst then the heater turned on and panic'd the moose. The moose kicked gaping holes through every wall of his garage (all the way outside / into the main house). The guy panic'd and called the police. By the time they got there, they saw the guy with the gun and the moose kickedg down the garage door and escaped. This was (*was* being the operative word) a finished, insulated and heated garage. The guy ended up with a very badly damaged garage and a chance to wear handcuffs as they hauled him off to the clink.
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