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Convert hand caning to machine made

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I would like to convert dining room armchairs from hand-caned to machine-caned. I need to cut a groove (about 1/8" wide) in the seat along the current caning holes, into which is placed the new machined caning and a spline to hold it tightly in place. I was planning to do this with with a laminate router. However, since the base of the router is too large to cut the groove in the right place (with the router held vertically), particularly where the arm meets the seat (only 1/8 - 1/16" from the edges of the current caning holes), I think that I would have to turn the router horizontally. I have not been able to find an appropriate bit or tool, or even to confirm that my thinking is correct regarding this process.

If the groove consisted of straight segments on the front/back/sides of the seat, instead of oval-circular, I might be able to use a standard slot cutter. But the groove really needs to be rounded to match the shape of the chair. I'm also concerned about the diameter of the bit, as I would need to turn the router as I go around the oval seat. I'd like to get a bit with bearings, if possible, to be able to control the position so it doesn't get away from me.

Any help would be appreciated.
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They make many add on's for the Dremel,it should do the trick for you.
It's small and you can get router bits (1/8" shank) to make the slot.
Or you can make a (point jig) to keep the bit in the right place.
Small block of hard wood that holds the Dremel and comes to a round point on one end of the jig,the pin rubs on the edge of the chair and the block to keep the bit from going to deep.
Looks like a cam lobe with a 3/4" or 1" hole with a set screw to hold it in the Dremel tool.

Below you will see some snapshots of the one I made today just for kicks, note the two off sets (5/8" and 1" ) on this one and the two pins,this one is walnut ,1 7/8" tall with a 3/4" hole for the Dremel and 1/4-28 x 1/4" allen set screws to hold it in place,one on ea. end, 1/4" dowels for the guide pins, not glued in just in case you need to used longer ones.

Milescraft 1001 Rotary Tool Angle Plunge, plus bits

H0880 Mini router Bit Set , 1/8" Shank tools&rh=n:468240,k:dremel tools&page=2


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