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Converting a pair of cast iron saw table tops for router use

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After replacing one PC890 with a Triton TRA001, I finally have something powerful, accurate, reliable and trouble free. This contraption features 22” deep cast iron tops and wings, three fences including a 24” Incra, clean cooling air intakes, selectable switching with automatic independent pneumatic blast gates, up front on/off power switch with simultaneous dust collector control, fence dust collection, easy access router controls, magnetic sealed doors, and remote DRO accurate to 0.001”.
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Looks a beast.

What is that tube? under the router?
Since the router fan can't blow nearly as hard as the D/C sucks, you can tube fresh air into the router to prevent dust clogging of the motor without compromising the dust removal at the insert, even though the fan is blowing air directly into the collection box. The box in the picture is always that clean.
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