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Cool new coupling to different machines

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I came across this accidentally. Seems like a brilliant idea.
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Looks great. I have the same sort of coupling on my dryer connection that works great.
Saw those when they came out - pretty neat idea and I understand they work well. Never thought about it for a dryer vent, though; another good idea.

It does look like a good idea - very quick to connect/disconnect, can be done one handed and a pretty much guaranteed good connection. But I see several drawbacks: cost and swarf pickup.

Cost. It looks like you need 2 to form a single connection so $46 dollars to get started and really $69 because if you only need 2 you don't need them at all. Contrast that with rockler dustright quick change ports at about 1/2 the price. While not as fast in theory, I have them and the attach/detach time is on the order of 4-5 seconds usually.

Swarf. I see the magnets as picking up anything iron or steel in the shop. This means you might have to clean them off to get a good seal, pretty much killing the speed and one handed convenience aspect. That depends on shop conditions but even though I mostly work in wood and some plastic there is still a lot of random little bits of steel in mine. I have a pickup magnet that I use to avoid bending over to pick up the occasional lost screw (or dropped box of screws) and it gets coated with ferric shavings every time I use it. Plus, it's actually pretty hard to get them all off.
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On CNC plasma tables, there are two magnetic mounts for plasma torches. The Snap-N-Cut, and the B.O.S.S. Mfg. magnetic mount.

Both work great, when they are CLEAN. However, strong magnets and plasma dust (metallic dust) do not mix well. Whenever I disconnect it, I get the "Wooly Willy" clump of metal dust around the magnets. It all has to be cleaned off in order to get a good magnetic bond.

I also saw these when he announced his product but again they only go to 5". That said my DC has 6" blast gates/PVC and I only have two connections (locations) that are not always connected and they are for the band saw which is mobile, the planner (mobile), DP, and drum sander (mobile). The planner, band saw, and drum sander have 4" connections and the DP reduces to a 2.5" hose. The machines, less the drill press, are mobile so they can be positioned as best needed for the stock they are working on.

What I find hard to find are good well designed reducers. My 6" to 4" is like two cans placed on each other which causes a lot of turbulence. If it were designed for the hoses at each end (4" & 6") then coned shaped it would work so much better. On the one connection I have it go from the 6" flex to a 4" reducer then to the band saw, planner, and so on. If I want to use that connection for the floor wand/drill press to clean up I need to reduce further.

I have this working but not ideally.
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I came across this accidentally. Seems like a brilliant idea.
Yes, it is. Thanks.
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