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I have and use my Woodpeckers sled especially for cope and stile doors. I tried making two different designs myself but both had too much flexure using either MDF or plywood. What I really like about the Woodpeckers sled is the plexi shield that rides against the fence, the two points of contact on the piece, and the lack of any flexure. I do use sacrificial backup boards to prevent tearout and they simply work very well. And the price was reasonable, at least to me. I'm not sure what Tom found tricky as the setup is the same with or without the sled. Only difference I found was the height of the sled. But my ignorance may have helped there as these were my first attempts at cope and style cuts. Of course the sled was used just for the cope cuts. I guess it depends on how much use you sled would get as to it's value to you. Just a few doors, maybe not as much, but a mess of cabinets, it certainly was easier for me.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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