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copy carver for pool cue making

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Hi everyone! I live in Las Vegas and am new to this forum. I just wanted to let every one know that I'm interested in building my own carver duplicator for making pool cues and probably other stuff. I don't have any experience yet but I bought a set of plans for a machine called the copy carver as seen on you tube. I'll be building this over the next week. I already have a Popper Q-Lathe, model B and various other saws, sanders etc. I'm going to retiree within the next few months and want to get my little home shop up and running before I actually am retired. I've seen that with a copy carver you can carve fish and animals and also gun stocks etc. So it looks like I'll have lots of stuff to keep me busy. I want to connect with other copy carvers as I'm sure that I'll find any input to my posts very valuable.
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Welcome to the forum, Doug
Welcome Doug, congrats on the retirement
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