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I am guessing "NC1101" is the computer running the CNC, and you are attempting to copy a GCode file from your desktop PC/Laptop to the CNC machine. The share is showing no space available. It is likely the permission of that share are not allowing write or viewing. You may need to check those permissions to get it going.
I don't know the actual Machine. But sometimes it is not that simple.
I once was asked to help a company connect a PC to their big old ATC CNC machine just bought second hand. The Machine was running DOS/window 3.1 and only a Win98 PC or a Windows XP (with Netbios) and a FAT16 shared folder with a specific name could allow the Machine to stream gcode commands.
Wasted my time as his Boss would not pay for a specially prepared FAT16 WinXP laptop.
So instead, I sold them a USB 1.44MB floppy drive for their Win 7x64 design PC so that they can transfer the gcode files (with comments deleted) into the m/c. Machine started milling beautiful 3D parts that way. Serial port streaming also would require a Win98 PC. That CNC Machine had small memory and a very small HDD.
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